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18+: Why i Grab her by the Pussee; Club boy

18+: Why i Grab her by the Pussee; Club boy

My mate Don told me to do it. I mean it was dark in the club. We had had a fair few drinks. The women still in the place had all been drinking heavily. I mean it’s what you do on holiday in Bali. Cheap booze and have a wild time. Drink and lose any inhibitions. And the steamy hot weather, well the girls were wearing next to nothing.

My mate said; “Just pick a girl you like here, grab her by the pussy and she’ll let you do anything.”

Don headed to one side of the room pussy hunting. I got the balls to move to the other.

I mean back home at work, even look at a girl with a slight sleazy eye and you’d be up for harassment and out of a job.

I was thinking: just grab a girl by the pussy. Feel up her snatch. Rub her soft indent. Push into her slit. All sounded good to me. But a girl was usually naked when I did any of those actions. But I thought hell, if a girl just walked up to me, fondled my balls or checked out my appendage for size, what I was packing through my board shorts, hell I wouldn’t complain. I loved my cock getting attention. Screw political correctness. The truth was most of the girls still here at the bar on holiday wanted a shag, a fuckin good root, a one night stand with a stranger on holiday.

I picked a chick usually way out of my league. Great arse, beaut tits, petite figure, blonde free flowing hair, nice tan. A flimsy summery batik dress. She was looking around a bit, detached from her girlfriend cohort for a moment.

Oh screw this: grab her by the snatch. Feel her up, see what happens. Probably a slap coming or worse.

“Mmm” long and slow from her and her snatch is pressing back into my hand as I grab her pussy through her dress in the barroom darkness. Enough light to see her eyes show surprise and appreciation. I got lucky; she likes it. Likes a guy making the holiday dirty move. Probably tipsy, doesn’t care who she roots as long as she is screwed senseless tonight. Probably on a flight home tomorrow. Beyond that my focus is my hand shaped to her mound and inward fold and my fingers pushing right into her slit through her skimpy dress and soft knickers.

I grab her complete pussy. I can tell the girl is shaved. Primed and ready for sex. I grope her pussy in the dark. I’m close. We are right in each other’s space. She gropes for my man package and fondles it with relish. Cupping my nuts. Feeling with her fingers the full shape of my growing bludge.

“My hotel room is across the street” I say, “let’s go now.”

I’m still working her snatch, pressing, pressuring, pushing in and over with my fingers and palm. She likes it. She likes it.

She just mummers and nods. Hell we haven’t even asked each other our names.

It’s too basic and primal. She is pussy. I’m cock. We are heading for holiday rutting.

We tumble into my hotel room, engaged in stripping foreplay. Her tits are gorgeous and full. She likes them being licked but I still grope her pussy as I lick her nipples. I fondle her labia. Her wet smeary lips opening. Her slit so mussy moist and cock seeking. I finger it intensely with two digits.

She wants to suck me off. She does so: rapid and intense. I’m so frickin hard.

So much for foreplay.

She’s on the edge of the bed, legs spread eagled, wanting cock. All because I had the balls to grab her pussy. Now she gets pecker. I get coochie.

Warm, enveloping hot snatch. We fuck. We fuck. We fuck. It’s what you do when it’s intense. You fuck.

I pummelled her, ploughed her, speared and filled her. Her pussy so appreciative of a rousing, body galvanising, gential stimulating fuck. My cock just doing what a cock is happy to do, fuck on holiday.

It was so hot blooded, starling and electrifying we didn’t change position. Her legs spread on the edge of a bed, my cock burrowing. Combined pleasure escalating. I added fuel to her bliss by grabbing her pussy around my cock. She really liked that.

Her climax was screamy loud. My load expelled into her slit with grunting groans. The thrill of wild holiday sex was complete because I grabbed her by the pussy.

Near impossible to trump: I thought, as I rolled off her and caught my breath for a moment.

I’d be grabbing her lovely snatch and filling her body again, as soon as I rehardened.


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