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i am in love with the wrong guy

18+: I am in love with the wrong guy.

Jenny had recently moved house.  She stared out of her bedroom window at everybody walking by, then saw the boy she’d seen the other day.  Despite it being the middle of winter, he was only wearing shorts and a tanktop.  She saw him go into the local shop, and decided she had to meet him.  He was the cutest thing she’d ever seen.  She quickly stripped naked, then put on a tight pair of denim shorts and a bikini top, and ran outside.  “What the fuck?” asked a passing girl.

“Oh er… hi.  I just moved here.  Do you know that boy that just went into the shop?”

“Er…. I wasn’t looking.”

“The one in shorts and a tanktop, the really cute one!”

“Oh him.  Don’t bother.”

“Is he already taken?”

“Er…. no.  He’s gay,” grinned the girl, then walked off.

Jenny felt like sobbing, then told herself off.  She jogged over to the shop and peered inside, but nobody was there.  She rushed in and asked the assistant, “Did you see a boy wearing summer clothes?”

“Oh Lucas, yes he always comes in here at this time for a sandwich, he’ll be off for his run.  Most days he goes through the park then off into the countryside somewhere.  He’s pretty fit, you’ll never catch him.”

“But I….”

“Here,” said the woman, producing a map.  “He runs through there, and along there, if you go that way, you might cut him off.  Why do you need to see him anyway?”

“True love,” she grinned.

“You do know he’s….”

“Gay, yes.  I have to change his mind.”

“It doesn’t work like that.”

“Watch me,” she said, determined to get what she wanted.  She sprinted out of the shop and took the shortcut as suggested, running as fast as she could and making her legs almost collapse.  Twenty minutes later she arrived back on his route and looked around, hoping he’d not be there yet.  To her delight, she saw him jogging towards her in the distance, so she hid behind a tree until he was closer.  Just as he approached her, she walked out casually, pretending not to notice him.

“Hi,” he grinned.  “You out for a run too?”

“How can you tell?”

“Well you’re dressed for it, and you look tired….”

“Can I join you?” she asked hopefully.

“If you can keep up!” he shouted, then sprinted off.

She raced after him, but slowly lost ground as his powerful legs took him much faster than she could manage.  Just before she lost sight of him, she shouted, “Lucas wait!”  She saw him stop, then jogged over to meet him, sitting down on a rock completely out of breath.

“How’d you know I was called Lucas?” he asked.

“The shopkeeper told me.  Can we run together please?  It’s more fun with two….” she suggested, putting her arm around his back.

“You’re new here aren’t you?”

“Yes…. just moved in about a week ago.”

“Then you don’t know that I’m….”

“Gay, yes I know.  I just wanted a run….” she grinned.

“Yeah, we can run together.  Although you look a little chilly,” he giggled.

“I didn’t realise it was this cold out.  But you look quite comfortable.”

“Actually I’m too warm,” he replied, removing his tanktop and hiding it in a bush.

Her eyes lit up with excitement as she admired his muscular chest.  “I guess you do more than running,” she grinned.

“Weightlifting, swimming, you name it, I can’t keep still.  Come on, let’s run.”  He set off at a more relaxed speed, allowing her to keep up.

They continued for an hour, then came to the end of a lake.  “Do you swim in there?” she asked.

“No, in the local pool.  That looks a bit cold, I can see bits of ice.”

“Chicken,” she grinned, removing her bikini top, then her shoes and shorts.  She waded into the water stark naked, gasping as it covered her breasts.

“I’m no chicken!” he protested.  “Contrary to popular belief, being gay doesn’t make you a wimp.”  To her absolute delight, he removed his trainers and shorts, then sprinted into the water and dived under, then resurfaced with a huge smile.

“You don’t look cold,” she panted.

“I’m a big strong boy,” he grinned, then swam off at an astonishing speed.  She tried to keep up but failed, but every so often he’d turn round and swim back, give her a quick smile, then set off again.

Two hours later they arrived at the other end.  Lucas waded out and sat on the shore watching her.  She crawled weakly out of the lake, completely exhausted and absolutely freezing.  Her whole body shook hard, and her skin had gone blue all over.  She lay next to him panting hard.  “Only your chest is shivering!” she gasped.

“That’s all I need,” he grinned.

She sat up and shuffled closer, then ran her fingers across his violently shaking pecs.  “You’re really sexy,” she whispered, then put her arms around him tightly.  She was about to kiss him then thought better of it.  “Lucas…. I know you’re not really into girls, but…. could you do something for me?”

“Er…. maybe.”

“Lie on your back and close your eyes, and pretend I’m a boy.”

“What are you going to do?!” he asked with raised eyebrows.

“I want to…. er…. I want to suck you off.”

“A blowjob…. from a girl?”

“Our mouths are the same as boys.  Please?  Use your imagination.”

Lucas giggled and shook his head.  “If you like….”  He lay back and closed his eyes, then began picturing a naked boy he had the hots for.  He felt her lips around his cock, and enjoyed the sensation of them gently stimulating him.

A few minutes later she stopped and gasped.  “Lucas you’re huge!”

“Thanks,” he grinned.

“That must be nine inches!”

“About that.”

She resumed sucking the end, but couldn’t get even half of it in her mouth, so began wanking him with her hand at the same time.  She realised she could get both hands around it, and simultaneously lick and suck the end, which made him begin sighing with pleasure.  A few minutes later he yelped, so she removed her mouth and tossed him off as fast as she could, then watched him fire his considerable load clean over his face onto the snow behind him.  After twenty powerful jets, he finally stopped and opened his eyes.  “Ok, that felt good!” he gasped.

“Maybe you like girls after all?”

“Er…. no…. I just…. would you do that again please?” he asked, closing his eyes.

“No rest inbetween?!”

“No,” he grinned.

She gently massaged his throbbing stiffy, then sucked it again.  Five minutes later he shot a second load, just as big and as far as before.  She lay next to him and put her arm around him.  “That was amazing!” she whispered.

“I usually run up that mountain over there,” he said, pointing off into the distance.

“Oh god….” she gasped.  “Ok, I’ll follow you,” she said, not wanting to interrupt his routine.

“I’ll try not to go too fast….” he grinned, then jumped to his feet and set off.

“Clothes?” she asked.

“They’re the other end of the lake, we’ll get them on the way back, my route goes past that end again.”

“Shoes?” she gasped, feeling her toes aching in the cold snow.

“Chicken,” he grinned, jogging off.

She followed him, trying to ignore her cold feet, and ran as fast as she could for an hour until they reached the foot of the mountain.  She lay back in the snow completely out of breath.

“We still have the up part to do….” he reminded her.

She glanced up at the mountain and sighed.  “I’m not as fit as you…. give me a rest for a bit….”

“Get on my back,” he suggested.

“Love to!” she gasped, jumping to her feet and leaping onto him.  To her surprise, he ran up the mountain just as fast as they’d been going on the flat, and reached the top in only an hour.  He put her down on a rock and looked around admiring the scenery, while she stared at his naked body which didn’t seem in the slightest bit tired.  She wandered over to him and put her arm around him.  “Lucas…. can we be er…. we could be good friends?  And er…. run naked together maybe?”

“You’re not too good at running,” he grinned.  Jenny frowned and wandered off back to the rock, then sat down sulking.  He sat beside her and smiled.  “Ok, it is more fun when I’m not running on my own.  I guess you’ll just have to get fitter.”

“I don’t mind you carrying me up the steep bits….” she whispered, running her hand gently down his back.

Lucas looked a little uneasy and stared at her.  “Just friends….” he reminded her.

“Yes, just friends, very good friends.  So where next?  I can run downhill ok….”

“Down there, up that mountain, down the other side, then along that valley over there back to the far end of the lake.”

“Wow…. so er…. you’ll give me another piggyback up that one?”

“Sure….” he grinned.

They ran off down the steep slope, Jenny hurting her feet badly as she skidded on rocky parts where the snow had blown away.  But it didn’t seem to bother him at all, and he went racing down to the bottom at high speed.  She did her best to keep up, then jogged alongside him all the way to the next mountain.  As she reached it, she collapsed in exhaustion again, so he put her on his back and ran up to the top.  “Don’t you ever get tired?” she asked.

“No.  Which is annoying, as I’ve never met anybody fit enough to keep up with me.”

“So I annoy you?” she frowned.

“Hey I don’t mind carrying you some of the way.  It gets kinda lonely out here with just me.”  He set off running down the other side, so she chased after him.  By the time she got to the bottom, her feet were aching from the cold and cuts from the sharp rocks.  She pushed herself as hard as she could and followed him along the valley for a little, until he stopped and waited for her.

“Tired?” he asked.

“Sore feet….” she gasped, holding one up.

“Ouch, I guess they’re not as tough as mine.  Maybe you should wear shoes tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” she asked happily.

“I run every day.”  He gave her a piggyback back to the lake, then they got dressed and jogged back home.  “See you here at nine tomorrow!” he shouted.

“Ok!” she shouted back.

She went inside and stuffed herself with food, then sat sulking in front of the television.  She wanted  to have a chat with her mother, but her parents had just left on a business trip.  She flipped through several channels, then switched it off and lay on the couch sulking.  Lucas was fun, she could spend all day naked with him, but she wanted more.  It wasn’t fair that he wouldn’t give her what she so badly wanted.  She sobbed a little, then found a few films to watch to take her mind off things.

The next morning, after a very difficult night’s sleep, she put on the same shorts and bikini top as before and went out to meet him.  When she arrived she realised she was half an hour early, so sat down to wait.  But her mind raced with what their future could hold.  He wasn’t going to let her do anything more than the odd blowjob.  The sight of his naked body just out of reach was killing her.  She shook her head and walked off, not knowing what to do.  She came across an old road bridge which had been disused for some time, walked halfway across, then looked down into the fast flowing water below.  She’d never met anyone like Lucas before, she probably never would again, then she decided her life wasn’t really worth living.  She’d never got what she wanted, boys, holidays, anything.  She looked down into the water and decided she should drown herself, then looked up at the high bridge support above her and began slowly ascending it.  Her plan was to dive in, go right to the bottom, then stay there until she was out of breath, by which time it’d be too late to back out and reach the surface.

Meanwhile, Lucas arrived at their meeting point and sat waiting.  After half an hour, he sighed and stood up, thinking she’d changed her mind.  A boy ran past in rather a hurry, so he shouted, “Where you going?”

“To the bridge!  Apparently someone’s gonna jump!”

Lucas thought for a moment, wondering if Jenny was that crazy.  She hadn’t turned up when she said she would, and she did seem rather upset when he’d kept turning her down yesterday.  A sudden panic set into his mind, so he leapt to his feet and sprinted towards the bridge, overtaking the other boy easily.  When he got there, there was a small crowd of people looking up and pointing.  He looked up and saw her precariously poised at the top, looking down into the water.  “Wait!” he shouted, but she stood up and looked ready to jump.  He grabbed one of the support wires and pulled himself up rapidly, then stopped just short of the top five minutes later, panting hard.  “Please don’t!” he shouted.

“What do you care!” she sobbed.

“I didn’t mean to make you do this.  Please…. come down and we’ll talk about it.”

“Will you go out with me?  Will you be my boyfriend?” she asked, tears running down her face.

“I’m sure we could compromise….”

“I don’t want to compromise….” she sobbed, then jumped off.

He watched her dive into the fast flowing water below, and hoped she’d chicken out and come back up.  But a few minutes later she hadn’t.  He leapt in after her, rapidly swimming to the bottom.  He frantically looked around, then realised she’d been in three minutes longer than him and was most likely washed downstream quite a way.  He swam as fast as he could along the bottom, and soon became short of breath.  His stomach convulsed in panic, but he ignored it and quickly swam about looking for her.  He spotted her off in the distance, floating near the bottom completely lifeless, then rushed over.  He grabbed her tightly, squeezed all her air out, then kissed her and refilled her with his own, thinking it might give her a bit extra until they got to the surface.  He pulled her up as fast as he could, his body going crazy without any air at all.  When he finally made it, he lay her on her back and gave her mouth to mouth.  After five minutes of trying again and again, he noticed her beasts moving slightly and realised she was breathing.  “Jenny?!” he shouted.  “Jenny?!”  But there was no reply.  He checked her pulse and found a rather weak one, then swam quickly to the edge.  He dragged her onto the shore and examined her.

“Is she ok?” asked another boy.

“She’s breathing, and she’s got a faint pulse, but she’s not waking up,” he sobbed.  “I killed her….”

“It looks rather like you saved her….” he suggested.  “I’ve called an ambulance, it’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Lucas picked her up and sprinted up to the road, then raced towards the ambulance as he saw it’s lights flashing in the distance.  He carried her into the back and laid her on the bed, then sat down sobbing.  “She jumped off the bridge…. she’s not waking up….”

“How long was she under?”

“I can hold my breath for five minutes, and I was really desperate for air, so….er…. eight minutes?”

“Ok, we’ll see what we can do….” said the paramedic worriedly.

They soon arrived at the hospital, and she was taken inside.  “Shouldn’t you be hurrying?” asked Lucas.

“There’s not much that can be done….”

“What do you mean?!” he yelled.

“She’s breathing, and her heart’s beating.  She’s not going to die.  But…. that long without air and her brain is well….”

“Fix her!” he yelled.  “And put her in the private ward.  I’ll pay, my mum’s rich.”

They took her along to her own room, and tucked her up in a bed.  “These rooms do cost a fair bit….” the doctor reminded him.

Lucas glared at him and picked up the bedside phone.  He dialed his mum’s mobile and waited.  “Hi mum…. it’s Lucas….” he sobbed.

“Whatever’s the matter?”

“I’m in hospital….”

“Oh my god what’s happened to you?” she panicked.

“It’s not me…. it’s a friend.  She tried to drown herself…. can you pay for her private room?  Please?”

“Of course.  Do you want me to come in?  I’ve gone out for the weekend with friends, but I can cancel it.”

“No it’s ok….”  He put down the phone and glared at the doctor again.  “Happy?”

“Sorry….” he said quietly, then left the room.

He pulled up a chair and sat beside her.  He pulled the covers back a little, then placed his head on her bare breasts.  “I’m sorry,” he whispered.  “I’m so sorry…. I’ll do anything to fix you.  Just wake up, please.  I’ll even be your boyfriend, I promise.  Whatever you want!”

An hour later, two more doctors arrived.  “I have a consultant, he’s going to do some tests….” said one quietly.

Lucas sat and watched them draw some blood, then they walked off looking very worried.  “Can you fix her?” he sobbed.

“We’ll get the tests back first, then I’ll know more.”

“How long?”

“A few hours.”

“Please…. faster, I’ll pay extra.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Only half an hour later he returned.  “I’m sorry Lucas…. er…. this is most unusual actually.”

“Just tell me….” he sighed.

“Her red blood cells aren’t working right.  She can’t get the oxygen she needs, which is why she hasn’t come round.  She’s always been that way, but…. I guess the eight minutes underwater set it off and made it a lot worse.”

“Can’t you fix it?” he sobbed.

“No.  It’s a genetic malfunction, I’m sorry.  She’ll stay in a coma for a week, then pass away.  There’s nothing we can do….”

“No!” shouted Lucas, cuddling her tightly.  “Please come back….” he sobbed.  “I’ll do anything.”

“There is another test we can do to see what her brain’s up to.  I can’t really promise anything, but it’ll let us know how she’s doing.  It’s very expensive equipment though, I’d have to get it flown in from….”

“Do it.”  He phoned his mother again and passed the phone to the doctor.  They discussed finances for a little, then he hung up.

“For some reason she’s happy to pay,” said the consultant.  “I can get it here by this evening.”

As he left the room, Lucas cuddled her tightly again.  “Jenny please….” he begged.  “I didn’t mean to kill you.  I…. just wake up.  I’ll be yours forever I promise.  I can change for you.  I can learn to like girls.  You are hotter than most….”

He spent the rest of the day sobbing, then finally the consultant reappeared pushing a trolley with a very expensive gadget.  He connected it up to her head with several electrodes, then stared at the screen in astonishment.  “That’s odd….” he said slowly, pointing to a very active waveform.  “See how everything else is barely registering, but that blue one…. her brain’s going crazy!”

“Crazy?” asked Lucas.  “What do you mean crazy?”

“That’s what we’d see during a dream, but…. that’s much more active than usual.  It must be a really good one.”

“Maybe she’s dreaming about me,” he grinned.

“Are you two…. er…. do you…. have sex?”

“No.  But she wants to.”

“It does look like a wet dream to me,” he giggled.  “Sorry.  Er…. look that’s better than I was expecting.  But the other ones…. I’m afraid she’s slowly dying.”  He left the room and said, “Let me know if anything changes.  The blue one will stop shortly when she finishes dreaming.  Anything else gets bigger or smaller, press the buzzer and somebody’ll come running.”

Lucas watched Jenny’s readouts, and an hour later she still appeared to be dreaming.  A nurse walked in and hung a clipboard on the end of the bed and asked, “You’re still here?  Visitors aren’t meant to be in this late….”

“I’m not leaving, I’ll bribe you if I have to.”

“That’s ok….  I’ll pretend I didn’t see you.  Er…. is she dreaming again?”

“She’s been dreaming for an hour, I guess I’ve got stamina.”

“What?  Oh…. I see,” she giggled.

He waited until she’d left, then closed the door.  He climbed into bed beside her and wrapped his arms and legs around her.  “Please come back to me,” he whispered.

A few hours later, he hadn’t managed to get to sleep, so he got up and looked through her charts.  He noticed her dream waveform still going crazy, then read through pages and pages of details the consultant had written.  He scratched his head and spoke to himself, “If it’s just red blood cells, why can’t they just give her some more?  Oh my god…. she’s the same blood type as me!”  He put the clipboard down and rushed over to the door.  He peeked out and saw nobody around, so snuck along the corridor to the nurse’s station.  Finding it deserted, he glanced at some nearby doors and found the medical store.  The door was locked, so he took a couple of paperclips from the desk and picked the lock, then snuck inside.  He grabbed some needles and tubes, then rushed back to her room.  He made a makeshift connection between the blood vessels in his arm and hers, then lay in the bed next to her and fell fast asleep.

The next morning, he heard a commotion in the corridor, which sounded like one of the nurses getting told off by the head sister.  He listened carefully and heard her shouting about locks and security, then realised she was getting into trouble for what he’d done.  “In here!” he shouted, then watched them come rushing in.

“What’s wrong?” asked the sister worriedly.

“It was me.  I broke into the storeroom last night, you’ll find two bent paperclips in your bin if you don’t believe me.”


Lucas pulled down the covers, exposing the pipe connecting them together.

“Oh my god what have you done?!” she gasped.

“It’s ok, we’re the same blood type.”

“No…. oh god…. doctor!” she yelled, running out of the room.  She found a doctor and dragged him into Jenny’s room, then showed him what Lucas had done.

“I thought I’d give her some of my cells….” said Lucas worriedly.

“And she’s given you some of hers.”


“So now you have what she has.”  He buried his head in his hands and thought for a moment.  “You’re now both going to slowly run out of air.  Your cells will gradually degrade, you’ll drop into a coma in a few days, then die a week after that.”

“You could be a bit more sensitive!” whispered the sister.

“I see no point in lying to the patient.”

“He’s right, I should know….” sighed Lucas.  “Sorry….”

The sister walked over and asked, “Should I remove this doctor?”

“Yes, although it won’t make much difference.”

She disconnected it, then glanced at the machine as it began bleeping.  “Doctor?!”

“She’s not breathing!” gasped Lucas.  “Put it back!”

She hurriedly reconnected it, then watched the readings return to normal.  “I think you’re breathing for her….” she said slowly.

They walked out of the room discussing the problem, and Lucas lay staring at Jenny for a few hours.

“What have you done?!” gasped his mother Kathy, walking into the room and sobbing.

“I’m just trying to fix her….” he said slowly.

She pulled up a chair and rested her head on his chest.  “They say you’ve only got a few days until you drop into a coma!  Lucas!  I can’t manage without you!  Your dad ran off three years ago, you’re all I have left!  Please!”

“I’m sorry, I had to try to help her…. it was my fault.”

“How was it your fault?”

“She wanted to go out with me and I refused.”

“That’s hardly your fault.  And not grounds for killing yourself!”

“I think of it as my fault.  And…. I didn’t know it would do me any harm.”

She cried into his chest for half an hour, then more doctors appeared.  “Is she STILL dreaming?” asked one of them.

“Seems to be,” said Lucas.  “Ever since you connected it up.  Are you sure those readings are right?”

“Absolutely sure.  Most people don’t dream for anything like that long….”

“I guess she really loves me,” he giggled.

“Or she’s delighting in stabbing you to death over and over again,” suggested Kathy.

“I prefer the first one.  We’re having wild sex or something.”

The doctors took some blood, then returned an hour later.  “This is worrying….” he began.

“What?” asked Lucas.

“Look at these pictures.  This one shows a normal healthy red blood cell from somebody else.  This we believe is one of hers, it’s severely damaged, it’s down to about ten percent usefulness.  And this is one of yours.  It’s down to eighty percent.  Whatever it is is infecting you at an alarming rate.”

“I feel ok….” said Lucas, watching his mother looking extremely worried.

“At fifty percent you’ll have trouble breathing, at about thirty you’ll drop into a coma, at zero you die.”

“Do something!” shouted Kathy.

“We don’t know how…. I’m sorry.”

“Lucas please….” she begged, sobbing into his chest again.

“I don’t feel so bad, maybe they’re exaggerating.”  He tried his best to cheer her up, but wasn’t getting anywhere, so he pressed the buzzer.  A nurse came rushing in, and he apologized.  “I need something to cheer her up, sorry, I know that’s meant to be for emergencies.”

“I’ll bring through a TV.”

They watched some films all day, and every few hours doctors would take more blood and examine the results.  Late that evening, one showed the figures to them.  “Fifty.  It’s happening faster than it should.”

“I’m not having trouble breathing.”

“Well you are quite a fit young lad, but you are breathing faster than usual.”

Lucas looked down at his chest, and realised he was breathing as hard as if he was out jogging.  “I’ll be ok mum….” he whispered.

“Are you staying?” asked the doctor.

“Of course I’m staying!” she sobbed.

“I’ll bring through another bed.”  He fetched one in and pushed it alongside the other, then Kathy lay on it and reached over to him, gently running her fingers over his chest.

“Don’t go….” she sobbed.

“I’m a strong boy, I’m not going anywhere,” he replied.  She shuffled across and laid her head on his chest, then cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, she awoke and yawned loudly.  “Lucas?  LUCAS!” she screamed.  A nurse came running in.  “Do something!  He’s not waking up!” she sobbed.

The nurse took some blood and ran off, and half an hour later she returned with two doctors.  “I’m afraid…. the cells have dropped to ten percent overnight.  He’s not going to wake up again.”

“No!” she shouted.  “Fix him!”

“I’m sorry….” said one of the doctors.  “And er…. I know this is a little heartless, but…. he’ll live longer without having to support Jenny.  We should disconnect them.”

As he approached the bed, Lucas reached up and grabbed his arm tightly, then slowly opened his eyes.  “Touch that and I break your wrist,” he said weakly, then let go and passed out again.

“Lucas?” asked Kathy, shaking him violently.  “Lucas!  What the fuck?”

“I think he wants me to leave them alone….” he winced, clutching his wrist.  “I guess he can hear what we’re saying.”

She snuggled up to him all day, then was startled that evening as he reached his arm around her.   “Lucas!  You’re awake!”

“Yeah…. I feel not that bad, er…. get more readings.”

She called for the nurse, and more tests were done.  The doctor returned looking completely amazed.  “Zero percent,” he said, scratching his head.

“What?!” asked Lucas.

“All the cells are dead.  Every last one of them, but you’re making new ones without any faults.  Lots of them!”

“Lucas?” asked Kathy.  “Are you getting better?”

“I think he is….” said the doctor cautiously.  “Nurse, take a sample every hour.  I want to keep a close eye on him.”

“I told you,” he grinned.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You always were a fighter,” she giggled.  “The number of times I got called to the school because you’d hospitalised someone.”

“Hey, people shouldn’t make fun of me.”

Over the next few days he made a full recovery, and the doctor approached Lucas cautiously.  “You’re fixed…. but…. Jenny I’m afraid won’t wake up.  Her brain appears to be quite active with the dreaming, but she isn’t breathing by herself.  I tried to contact her parents, we even sent someone round to her house, but a neighbour told us they’re away on business, nobody knows where they went.  I’m afraid at some point we have to disconnect you,” he said uneasily, reaching towards the piping.

“I’ve warned you about that….” he said, glaring at him sternly.  The doctor backed off quickly.  “I guess there’s no reason you can’t all go home…. if you don’t mind taking her with you.”

“He’s not going to let go,” she sighed.  “Is there no way she’ll wake up?  She must have the same good cells as he does now.”

“I’m afraid her brain’s given up.  All those other waveforms are far too low.”

“My mother’s right,” sobbed Lucas.  “I’m not giving up on her.”  He stood up and held her in his arms, then walked out of the room.

“I guess we’re going home,” she grinned.  She took him to the car, drove them back to their house, then Lucas sat on the couch snuggled up closely to Jenny.  “Are you two going to walk around in shorts all the time then?” she grinned.

“Jenny likes being topless.”

They watched films all evening, then Lucas carried her up to bed.  He lay next to her, then lifted her eyelids.  “Please Jenny, why can’t you wake up?  I really love you.  I promise I’ll do anything you want, absolutely anything.  Including wild sex.”  He wrapped his arms and legs around her tightly, then tried to sort the problem out in his head.  If she could have such vivid dreams twenty four hours a day, her brain couldn’t be damaged.  He tried to imagine what she was dreaming about, and thought perhaps they were having wild sex on a mountaintop, or even in the freezing lake.  Then a crazy thought came to his head.  “I’ll make your dream real,” he whispered.  He pushed back the covers and sat astride her, then smiled as he realised he had a throbbing erection.  “So you like girls now do you?” he asked his cock, then pushed it forcefully into her.  He pounded away, and five minutes later he gasped as he came powerfully inside her, trying not to make too much noise and wake his mother.  He stared at her in shock.  “Did your eyelid just twitch?” he asked.  “Jenny?”  He shook his head and continued thrusting, then came again five minutes later.  Certain her eyelid had moved again, he continued fucking her for half an hour, yelping louder and louder each time.  Every time he shot a load, her face would twitch a little, and it seemed to be getting more each time.  “You’re going to wear me out….” he gasped.  “That’s six already….”  He continued, and after another half hour, he was making her whole body jump a little each time he came.  He felt utterly exhausted, but continued, imagining what she might be feeling, and if he was perhaps affecting her dream.

He climaxed a few more times, then suddenly her eyes opened wide and she stared directly at him.  “Lucas!” she screamed.  “Oh my god!  Ahhh!  Fuck!  Lucas!  Ahhh!”  She had a tremendous orgasm, lasting for a whole hour, then collapsed limp on the bed.

“Don’t you go back to sleep!” he shouted, pulling her up and sitting her on the edge of the bed.

“What happened?” she asked.  “I…. what’s going on?  I thought I was drowning….”

“I didn’t want you to, I love you,” he whispered, then picked her up and ran to his mother’s room.  “Mum!  She’s awake!” he yelled.

She came rushing out in her nightdress and stared at her.  “Jenny?!  How?” she asked, looking completely confused.

“Er…. sex,” he replied, carrying her through to the lounge.  They sat on the couch, and Lucas wrapped his arm around her.

“What happened?” asked Kathy.

“I’d like to know that too!” said Jenny.

“Ok,” began Lucas, “the short version is…. we went running together, then skinnydipping, then she er…. sucked me off.  She fell in love with me, I rejected her because I’m not really into girls and er….we were supposed to go running again the next day, but she never turned up, someone told me there was somebody jumping off that old bridge, so I climbed up and talked to her.  She refused to listen, jumped in the water, drowned, I saved her, and she’s been in a coma ever since.  Until we er…. I thought maybe…. the dream you were having?” he asked.

“I do remember quite a wonderful dream…. you were in it,” she grinned.

“The doctor said you were dreaming twenty four hours a day, he was quite astonished.  I kinda thought it would be nice to make it more real for you.  So I had sex with you while you were in a coma.”

“Well it woke me up!” she gasped.   “That was a fucking intense orgasm!”

“Eventually….” he sighed.


“It took an hour….”

“That means you were fucking me for two hours then?”

“What?!?” asked his mother.

“One hour to make me come, and then a further hour of continuous unbelievable climax.  Ahhhh Lucas!  Oh I wish you were like the boy in the dream….”

“Huh?” he asked.

“The Lucas in the dream kept telling me he’d do anything for me, that he was madly in love with me.”

Lucas burst out laughing, then received a hard slap across the face.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.  I was laughing because I actually said those things while you were in the coma.”

“Really?  And you meant them?  Or were you just trying to wake me up?”

“I meant it.”

Without warning, Jenny shoved him back on the couch and leapt on top of him, then kissed him passionately.  “I’ll go back to bed then shall I?” grinned Kathy.

They ran their hands all over each other, squirming about and enjoying the touch of each other’s naked bodies, then she sat up and stared at him.  “I made you hard,” she grinned.  “Or were you thinking of someone else?”

“I stayed hard for two hours and came twenty four times, my imagination isn’t that good.  I think I might like girls…. you anyway.”

“Are you saying I look like a boy?” she frowned.

“No!  I….” he began, then she interrupted him with another kiss.

“So are we….” she asked cautiously.

“Like I said before, I’m crazy about you, and I’ll do anything you want, I promise.”

“Oh I love you so much!” she gasped.  “Ow!  What’s this mark on my arm?  And you have one too.”

“Oh, I missed that part out.  You apparently had some odd disease, your blood cells weren’t working right.  Being underwater for so long made it much worse.  I rather stupidly decided to join us together with a tube and er…. share our blood.”


“Well…. no, it fixed you.  The doctor said it was stupid.  I nearly died of the same thing you had.  But you’re worth the risk.”

“You saved me TWICE?!” she asked.

“Yeah,” he grinned.  “I didn’t want to live without you.”

“That’s why I jumped in the first place!”

“Then we make a promise, we stay together no matter what.”  They snuggled up closely and soon fell fast asleep.

They were awoken the next morning to the doorbell.  They sat up and saw his mother answering it, then she let in two doctors.  “Jenny?!” asked one, rushing over to her.  “What did you do this time?” he asked Lucas.

“Sex,” he grinned.  “It woke her brain up.”

“That’s not something I’ve ever prescribed before….” he grinned.  “Wow…. well I guess that makes the reason we came round not so urgent.  We managed to contact a friend of your mother’s, and she phoned her boss, and…. they’ve gone missing.”

“That IS fucking urgent!” gasped Jenny.  “What do you mean missing?!”

“I meant we were trying to tell them you were in hospital, and now we don’t have to.  I’m sure they’re fine, they just never turned up at the meeting.  Do you know where they were flying?”

“I think there’s papers in the study back home.”

Lucas jumped to his feet and pulled her outside, then they ran off to her house stark naked.  She went in and rummaged through her parents’ paperwork, then found details of the flights.  “Here….” she gasped, still out of breath from running.  “They were supposed to fly from here to here, then to there, then there, then get a train to there.”  She grabbed the phone and began making calls, argued with the airline company for a while, then dialled again and spoke to the train company.  She put down the phone and looked extremely upset.  “They got on all the flights, there were no problems, but…. they never took the train they booked.  They’ve just vanished between here and here.”

“Then we go find them,” said Lucas.  He pulled her to her feet, then they ran back to his house.  “Mum…. I need more money again….” he said uneasily.

“Sure…. what for?” she asked.

“Her parents.  They disappeared.  We know roughly where, and we want to go find them.”

“You two be careful….” she warned them, then booked them some flights.

They managed to get some that day, by finding cancellations and paying extra for business class, then they went to Lucas’s room.  “What shall I wear?” he asked.

“Just shorts,” she grinned.

He put them on and smiled.  “Then you do the same.”

“I might add a bikini top, I’ll get chucked off the flight otherwise!”

They packed a bag with some food, then Kathy drove them to Jenny’s house to collect some fresh clothes.  “No shoes?” asked his mother.

“We like being barefoot,” said Jenny, running her hand down Lucas’s back.

Kathy took them to the airport, then they got on their first flight.  They found their seats in the back corner of the plane, and Jenny snuggled into his bare chest.  “On your honeymoon?” asked the flight attendant an hour later, pushing a trolley of snacks and drinks.

“Not exactly.  We’re trying to find her parents, they disappeared on a business trip abroad.”

“Oh god I’m sorry, I just thought, with you cuddling…. er…. here.  Take anything you like.”  She left the trolley and walked off.

Lucas noticed Jenny looking a little distraught, so found a stiff drink and poured her a glass.  She gulped it down and smiled.  “I needed that,” she whispered.

“We’ll find them, I said I’d do anything for you.”

“Oh I love you so much,” she whispered, hugging him tightly.

Eventually they got off their last flight and took a look around.  Lucas bought a local map from the airline shop and studied it.  “We’re here.  They should have gone there.  Why didn’t they get there?  And which way did they go?”

“They had four hours to spare, they could have gone anywhere.”

“Sir!” shouted Lucas, beckoning to a steward.  “If you wanted to get from here to here in four hours, where would you go?”


“Er…. a couple of weeks ago.”

“Very good weather back then.  Perhaps…. there’s a nice walk through there,” he suggested, running his finger along the map.  “That would take a few hours.”

“Thanks, we’ll try that!” said Lucas, taking Jenny by the hand.  They followed the map, and went along a scenic path through the forest.

An hour later they came across something a little strange.  “Why are all the bushes damaged?” asked Jenny.  “It looks like an elephant sat here or something.”

Lucas searched around, then picked up a broken gold necklace.  “Look what I found,” he said, holding it up.

“That’s my mum’s!  Oh my god!” she gasped.

“Is this your dad’s?” he asked, holding up a wallet.

“No…. I’ve never seen it before.”  She grabbed it off him and opened it, then pulled out a card.  “Photo ID.  Of…. some bloke or other….  He doesn’t look like someone they’d do business with.”

“Let’s find out who he is.  Small towns around here, someone will know.”

They spent a whole day asking everybody they could find, then eventually a man nodded his head.  “Yes, he lives up there.  That house up on the hill, you can just see the end of the roof through the trees.  But he is not a very nice man.”

“Thanks….” said Lucas worriedly.  “Come on, we have to go up there.”  He took Jenny by the hand and they ran off.

“Lucas…. carry me?  You’re faster.”

He gave her a piggyback and sprinted off, and they soon approached the house.  “Wow…. big place,” he gasped.  “And protected by guard dogs and an electric fence according to that sign.”  They cautiously continued, then came across the fence.

“Lucas no!” she whispered as he reached towards it.  “That sign says fatally high voltage!”

“That doesn’t scare me,” he grinned.  He leapt onto the fence and yelped as electricity shot through his entire body, every muscle cramping up hard.  He squeezed part of the fence together, causing a bright flash, then he relaxed.  “I shorted it,” he grinned.  “Climb over.”

“Don’t let go of that….” she said worriedly, watching his hands closely.  She quickly climbed over and jumped down the other side, then he let go and followed her, receiving another large shock.

“Ahh!” he gasped.  “It got me again!”

“Lucas….” she said worriedly, looking over his shoulder.  “The guard dogs you mentioned?  He has four….”

He spun around and saw them sprinting towards them, then jumped onto them, wrestling them all and punching them as hard as he could.  Jenny watched in horror as he was cut to pieces by teeth and claws, but he eventually got the better of them and killed them all.  “That’s two problems out of the way,” he grinned, leading her through some trees and sneaking towards the house.  They found a side entrance and went inside, quietly walking along a corridor.

“You!  Stop!” shouted a man, aiming a rifle at them.

They recognised him from the photo in the wallet.  “Did you lose this?” asked Lucas, chucking the wallet over.

“Yes…. who are you?  And how did you get in here?”

“This is Jenny, you might know her parents?” he asked angrily, walking slowly towards him.

“Ah yes Jenny, they kept mentioning her.  You!  Move back or I shoot!” he yelled, aiming the gun at Lucas’s thigh.

“Fuck you!” he shouted, then sprinted towards him.

The man raised the gun and shot him in the chest, and Lucas fell to the floor.  “No!” shouted Jenny, running over to him.

The man stood over them laughing.  “I warned you not to come any closer.”

“Please….” Lucas begged him weakly.  “Will you do one thing for me?  A dying request?”

“What is it?” he grinned, crouching down beside him.

“Die!” he yelled, knocking his gun out of his hands and grabbing his throat tightly.  He squeezed hard until he lost consciousness, then shot him several times.  “Let’s go find your parents.”

“Lucas, you’re bleeding!  A lot!  He got you in the chest!”

“I’ll be fine….” he grinned, pulling bits of shot out of his muscles.

“Mum?!  Dad?!” shouted Jenny.

“In here!” came her father’s voice.  They rushed through and found them tied to two chairs.  They undid their restraints and hugged each other.

“How did you find us?” asked her mother.  “And who is this?  And he looks like he’s been shot!”

“We followed the path you went for a walk on,” replied Lucas, “and found his wallet and your necklace, and a local told us where he lived.  And er…. yeah I was shot.  And bitten, and electrocuted, but…. I’ll do anything for Jenny.”

“Boyfriend then?” asked her mother cheekily.

“Eventually, long story….” giggled Jenny.

“So you killed the guy in the wallet?” asked her father.

“Yes, he’s dead,” said Lucas.

“There are two.  The other should be back in about twenty minutes, I heard them talking earlier.”

“Then we’d better leave, quickly!”  They rushed out of the house and found an expensive car in the driveway, then got in, and Lucas sped off down the drive.

“It’s best to open the gates first?” asked Jenny.

“I don’t have time for that….” scoffed Lucas, driving straight through them and knocking them off their hinges.  He drove at high speed down a long windy road, then suddenly stopped.  “I see a car….” he whispered, then reversed off into the trees.  They waited for the other car to pass them, but it came to a halt.  A man got out and walked around, peering at the tracks where Lucas had skidded and reversed off the road, then followed them.  “Everybody duck!” whispered Lucas, then drove the car forwards quickly, running the man over.  He got out and checked on him, then got back in with his face screwed up.  “Er…. he’s dead.”

“Sure?” asked Jenny worriedly.

“When your head is crushed to half it’s normal width, and there’s brains oozing out, you’re usually dead.”  He drove back into town, and they arranged flights back home.

“We’re back!” yelled Lucas, knocking on his front door and walking inside.

Kathy came rushing through and smiled widely.  “You found them then!”

“More like rescued us,” said Jenny’s father.  “We got kidnapped.  I was mistaken for my boss, they thought we had billions.”

“You look a right bloody mess!” she gasped, staring at Lucas’s body.

“I got shot, and electrocuted, and bitten, I’ll live,” he grinned, putting his arm around Jenny.

“Er…. can I ask something?” said Jenny cautiously.  “I want to move in with Lucas.”

“Anyone who rushes round the world to save a girl’s parents is a good boyfriend,” said her mother.



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