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health conditions you should never ignore

Health Conditions You Should Never Ignore

There are certain signs that reveal something might be wrong with you as a woman down there and it’s really important you don’t ignore these signs.

Below are some health conditions ladies should never ignore


If you bleed after sex, it’s important you see a doctor immediately. Bleeding after sex could be a sign of benign growth. Bleeding after sex could also signal cervical cancer.


If you experience pain in your lower abdomen or pelvis during sex, this could signal fibroids or endometriosis. It’s important you see your doctor if you experience this. Sex can also be painful due to a condition known as vaginismus.


Thrush is the most common cause of itching. Thrush can be easily treated by using antifungals such as Canesten but it’s advisable you see a doctor to be sure it’s thrush because there are other conditions that can cause your virgina to itch. Using scented products on your virgina and douching can cause your virgina to itch.


A fishy smell in the virgina is most likely due to bacterial vaginosis and it’s important you have yourself checked. Taking yoghurt helps maintain the good bacteria in the virgina, thereby decreasing the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis.


Virginal discharge is normal in women from puberty to menopause and the quantity of the discharge varies from woman to woman and throughout the monthly cycle. But there are instances when the discharge is abnormal. If the colour or amount of your discharge changes, it’s important you visit a doctor. A chalky white discharge could signal thrush while a frothy yellow or green discharge could signal a sexually transmitted infection known as trichomonaisis.



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