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Photo: NYSC Member Knocks Out Teeth of Colleague with Hammer in Abia State

A female National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Member, Temitope Adedewe, who was recently battered by a male corps member with her two teeth removed with a hammer, said the National Youth Service Corps headquarters Abuja is yet to officially respond. Also, Temitope’s NYSC discharge certificate, which was withheld for purportedly breaching the NYSC code of conduct and reporting the matter to the police in Arochukwu, Abia State, where the incident happened, is yet to be issued to her.

This is despite a strong allegation that her assailant, Oluwabusiyi Adeola Bolarinde is already studying for his master’s degree at the University Of Ibadan (UI) which could not have been possible without his NYSC discharge certificate. Narrating the incident, Adewewe said she had known Bolarinde who is presently studying for his master’s degree since her undergraduate days in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) but had always avoided him because of his aggressive nature and tendencies. “The first time I spoke to him was when we were in camp,” she noted.

She further revealed that they both got posted to the same Local Government Area, LGA and subsequently the same place of primary assignment which gave Bolarinde the opportunity to make advances at her. Adding that Bolarinde resorted to making her life miserable once he realized he was not going to have her. She said he insulted her at every given opportunity as they stayed in the same lodge.

Adewewe explained that matters got worse when she stood up for herself against Bolarinde’s threats through WhatsApp which made him angry. She said Bolarinde beat her up with his belt and later banged a hammer on her mouth which knocked out some of her teeth.

Bolarinde, however, maintained his position to the daily, citing the NYSC code of conduct, which he said does not allow corpers to give audience to the press. He said “I am still a corper because my certificate is still being withheld by the NYSC. I’m also aware that some media houses went to the headquarters to confirm issues there.



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