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See Reasons Why you need Fire extinguisher in your Kitchen

A family member recently had a big scare when a pan of cooking oil caught fire. His finger got burned and the kitchen sustained quite a bit of damage. Stories like this have always made me think, “I should get a fire extinguisher ” but then I’ve forgotten about it within a day or two. Well, this time I didn’t put it off. How about you — do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? Have you ever had to use it?

For the kitchen it’s generally recommended to have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, such as one for Class A-B-C fires, or one that can specifically handle Class B or K fires. Wondering what those letters mean? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Class A: ordinary combustibles like cloth, wood, and paper
  • Class B: flammable liquids like grease, gasoline, and oil
  • Class C: electrical appliances and tools
  • Class D: flammable metals (mostly in factories)
  • Class K: vegetable oils, animal oils, or fats in cooking appliances



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