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A Tale of a young lady who thought she was in a real relationship but did she got more than what she bargained for?

Is this why they say do not put all your eggs in one basket?

Is it true there is no perfect relationships out there?

A young beautiful lady after taking some months off relationships due to series of heart breaks, decides to give love a chance again. Could I be falling for the wrong guy again that was always the question on her mind whenever she would want to date but this guy came unto her like a cloud full of stars, could he be the one? Was the first question she asked herself after months of pesting and cornering just like Tony Lanez sang EVERY ONE FALLS she fell for this guy. Was t the sweet mouth or is the guy genuine in what he was saying? All it took was sometimes to know the truth.

They began dating and just like every relationships it was a success from the start they both enjoyed themselves and it went one like this for a long time but she kept a little doubt on everything cause most times the guy will say he is going for outside work for like 2weeks to a month and those time the communications won’t be there cause he will always be switching off his cell phone and if the call finally go through he will be in heist to talk everything and drop the call. On many occasions different girls have called this girl to threaten her to leave their boyfriend alone and trust the guy will always deny them like they say “its cheating when you are caught but if you are not caught you are smart” but also everyday for the thief one day for the house owner.

This faithful month as usual he want to go for outside work so he told the girl he was going for work in the next city and he is going to stay for a month so the girls cooked his favorites and he left not knowing all na wash his other girlfriend is coming and he needs space. The girl noticed something if she calls to tell him goodnite his phone will always be off she can’t get him he only calls when he is free not until one faithful day the girl he was camping noticed it and called this girl and was shouting insulting this girl the girl asked her where she was and she said she was in the same city with the girl and the the other girl asked her what about the guy she said the guy is here with her that they are in the guys house and if she doubts it she should come to the guys house now she will see them. So this s what has been happening she said to herself as she looked for tears but to no avail well God knows best she said.

When the confronted the guy after the guy claimed he has return the guy told her that it was a lie that the other girl came but he didn’t do anything with her and all that. Right now the girl is caught in decisions she will really need your opinions in this.



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