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Ten Questions Single Should Ask and consider Before Saying “I Do” No 3 will shock you

During COURTSHIP, the below 10 questions are to ask among others before putting it in consideration. nothing in life happen by accident, it comes by revelation..where there is no question,no answer. Before you say “I DO”
1. Does he/she have good relationship with God? John 22:21.
2. Does he\she have purpose in life? Purpose sustain marriage not love. Ephesians 5:31-32. If u don’t know where u belong, your suffering will be long. You must be a problem solver. It is better you are called a dumb while u enjoys dominion. Bread winner(man) and bread eater(woman). Purpose-God reason for existence.

3. Does he/she has a good character? not every a good priest enjoys a good parish. Proverb 21:9, if u lost money, u lost nothing, if u lost health u lost something but if u lost character, u lost everything. Sarah called Abraham Lord.

4.Does he/she love me,Do I love the person, can I flow? Love does not hurt.

5. Does he/she have a job? People can help u to marry but can’t help you sustain it. Until job comes,marriage flows.

6. Is he/she matured? Reporting always,involving third party is a signal of immature. 1corithian13:11.

7. Are we compatible?  Can we be friends! Amos 3:3.

8. Is he/she a selfish person?  Proud person dominating to be in command.

9. Do I trust the person? Don’t say yes to the person who u trust not. Where there is no trust, no peace. Isaiah 26:3.

10. Do we share the same faith? Don’t go where u can’t cope. convection is allowed.
God will give u understanding.



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